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Wide choices of venue such as local and international brand hotels, convention centres and outdoor hall for any meeting inquiries to discuss imporant matters and gain networking between insitutions.



Meeting is consist of three or more people who share common aims and objectives. There are a lot of type of meetings, which are to inform, consult, solve problems and make decisions. To make an effective meeting, the venue and atmosphere is very important. Therefore a good preparation is needed for a good output.



A conference is similar to a meeting which is held to discuss a particular topic. It is a gathering of delegates representing several groups.Each delegates would take turns to speak in front of the participants about new innovative ideas. It involves in academic, business and trade purposes.



A forum is created to engage with others to debate, share knowledge and communicate with others about a wide range of topics participants are interested in discussing. It is more a two-way communication with the audiences.

Official Visit


Official visit to expand networking and promote each brand and to initiate a cooperation between two parties. This is available to government, association and corporates based on level of role and each department and industries.

Press Conference


With our partners in mass media and communication, a press conference to announce event, product launch, brand launch or any other important announcement could be held with propoer venue.


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